Sunday, September 13, 2009

World of Warcraft Game Time Codes

This site will get you get free WoW game time codes. You will not have to use any of your gamer account information. It is legit and safe. If that is not good enough, sign up to earn points to get straight cash, or almost anything from Great to do while repetitive farming and lvling.

This site only supports U.S., U.K. and C.A.

Step One
-Sign up to the site, it is best to make a new e-mail account.
These are the buttons you will see on the site to sign up at. This also displays the process of how the site works. They need to know your address just because it is connected to, this information is private and used only for shipping prizes.

Step Two
-Start doing some offers. Click on the tab that says Earn Points(on the website), it will expand and click on free offers.

A list of offer will appear showing how many points it gives and how well receive it was. This is part of what makes this site much more unique than others. You can do as many surveys as you possibly can, there is no limit.

Step Three
-Go to the search engine to find what you want. You may also search for other items or just ask for cash!

This site has a great forum community where you can ask questions, small games that you can earn points with, also a chat box going on at all times on the side so you can talk to your fellow point getters.
Enjoy and start powering gaming now!